About us and how we gather our data

This is a fan page dedicated to providing the most accurate possible information regarding MMA fighter pay. The data provided is for information and entertainment purposes only. Much of the data has been aggregated from various sites around the internet and includes officially released data from State Athletic Commissions. Where data wasn’t available, previous known contract data has been used. Some of the data including Pay Per View earnings are estimated. The formula used for Pay Per View earnings is:

$1 per ticket for 200,000-400,000 PPV Buys
$2 per ticket for 400,000-600,000 PPV Buys
$2.50 per ticket for 600,000+ PPV Buys

This formula was discussed in an article on Bloody Elbow here.

Whether or not a fighter gets PPV points is, in most cases, a best guess based on whether he/she was a defending champion or a “big name”. Where the PPV buyrate is not known, an estimate is done based on the perceived drawing power of the card and prior known data. The sponsorship money before the Reebok deal is also an estimate based on pay ranges discussed in fighter interviews found online and drawing power.

If you have any questions about a specific fighter’s data, please comment on the fighter page or send me an email through the contact form. Hope you enjoy the site!