UFC 277 Salaries and Payouts

UFC 277 Salaries and Payouts

UFC 277 (on July 29, 2022) is a pay per view card that featured two title fights. Amanda Nunes looks to recapture her title against Julianna Pena and Kai Kara France and Brandon Moreno battle for the interim flyweight title.

Update: Amanda Nunes regained her double-champ status as she beat up Julianna Pena over 5 rounds. Pena was certainly game as she put the Lioness in several tight submission attempts but Nunes managed to escape them all. In the Co-main event, Brandon Moreno captured the interim title with a nasty liver kick against Kai Kara France in the 3rd round. France appeared to be turning the tide in the fight but the kick shut him down and Moreno finished the fight with follow up punches.

$50k Bonuses went to Moreno/France (Fight of the Night), Drew Dober (Performance of the Night) and Alexandre Pantoja (Performance of the Night)

*Note that the official payouts have not been disclosed for this fight card in Texas so the salaries listed are based on estimates of previous contracts, trends, and drawing power. Other assumptions are made like expected contract changes. All promotional compliance pay figures are based on the formula negotiated with Venum.

Only champions getting PPV Points (Pena)
Estimating 400,000 PPV buys based on the cards drawing power (solely for the purposes of estimating PPV share)

Total Payout for UFC 277: $4,771,000
Venum (Sponsorship) Fighter payout: $299,000
Performance Bonus money paid out: $200,000 (Crypto.com bonuses pending)

UFC 277 Detailed Payouts

FighterOpponent DateEventResultBase SalaryWin BonusPPV BuysPPV Payout (est)Performance BonusSponsorshipTotalComments
Brandon MorenoKai Kara-France7/30/2022UFC 277W$300,000 $300,000 $50,000 $32,000 $682,000
Alexandre PantojaAlex Perez7/30/2022UFC 277W$72,000 $72,000 $50,000 $11,000 $205,000
Derrick LewisSergei Pavlovich7/30/2022UFC 277L$500,000 $0 $21,000 $521,000
Anthony SmithMagomed Ankalaev7/30/2022UFC 277L$200,000 $0 $16,000 $216,000
Alex PerezAlexandre Pantoja7/30/2022UFC 277L$60,000 $0 $6,000 $66,000
Drew DoberRafael Alves7/30/2022UFC 277W$72,000 $72,000 $50,000 $16,000 $210,000
Amanda NunesJulianna Peña7/30/2022UFC 277W$1,000,000 $1,000,000 $32,000 $2,032,000
Julianna PeñaAmanda Nunes7/30/2022UFC 277L$250,000 $0 400,000$200,000 $42,000 $492,000
Kai Kara-FranceBrandon Moreno7/30/2022UFC 277L$150,000 $0 $50,000 $32,000 $232,000
Sergei PavlovichDerrick Lewis7/30/2022UFC 277W$60,000 $60,000 $4,500 $124,500
Magomed AnkalaevAnthony Smith7/30/2022UFC 277W$150,000 $150,000 $6,000 $306,000
Alex MoronoMatthew Semelsberger7/30/2022UFC 277W$90,000 $90,000 $16,000 $196,000
Matthew SemelsbergerAlex Morono7/30/2022UFC 277L$48,000 $0 $4,500 $52,500
Rafael AlvesDrew Dober7/30/2022UFC 277L$30,000 $0 $4,500 $34,500
Don'Tale MayesHamdy Abdelwahab7/30/2022UFC 277L$30,000 $0 $6,000 $36,000
Hamdy AbdelwahabDon'Tale Mayes7/30/2022UFC 277W$12,000 $12,000 $4,000 $28,000
Drakkar KloseRafa García7/30/2022UFC 277W$60,000 $60,000 $6,000 $126,000
Rafa GarcíaDrakkar Klose7/30/2022UFC 277L$24,000 $0 $4,000 $28,000
Michael MoralesAdam Fugitt7/30/2022UFC 277W$20,000 $20,000 $4,000 $44,000
Adam FugittMichael Morales7/30/2022UFC 277L$24,000 $0 $4,000 $28,000
Joselyne EdwardsJi Yeon Kim7/30/2022UFC 277W$24,000 $24,000 $4,500 $52,500
Ji Yeon KimJoselyne Edwards7/30/2022UFC 277L$46,000 $0 $6,000 $52,000
Nicolae NegumereanuIhor Potieria7/30/2022UFC 277W$30,000 $30,000 $4,500 $64,500
Ihor PotieriaNicolae Negumereanu7/30/2022UFC 277L$30,000 $0 $4,000 $34,000
Orion CosceMike Mathetha7/30/2022UFC 277W$20,000 $20,000 $4,000 $44,000
Mike MathethaOrion Cosce7/30/2022UFC 277L$16,000 $0 $4,000 $20,000

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