PFL 4 Salaries and Payouts

PFL 4 Salaries and Payouts

Professional Fighters League recently released their fighter payouts for their PFL 4 event in Georgia. The full payouts can be found here at Sherdog:

Moylid Khaybulaev and Bubba Jenkins both took home $100k ($50k to show and a $50k win bonus). Chris Wade took home the next largest paycheck with a $76k payout for his win over Ryoji Kudo. The paycheck may be a small consolation for Wade after Jesus Pinedo’s stunning win over Brandon Loughnane knocked him out of the $1m tournament. Champion Loughnane’s purse was a shockingly low $50k to show.

The salaries disclosed did not include any sponsorship money which likely made up a significant portion of their fight income given that PFL fighters can sport sponsor logos on fight day (unlike the UFC).

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