UFC 262 Salaries and Payouts

UFC Vegas 262 salaries and payouts including base pay, win bonuses, performance bonuses and promotional compliance pay are shown in the table below.

This card (on May 15, 2021) was highlighted by a lightweight title fight between former Bellator champion Michael Chandler and submission specialist Charles Oliveira. They were fighting for the title that was vacated following the retirement of the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov. The card also featured an exciting matchup between the streaking Beneil Dariush and Tony Ferguson, who wass looking to rebound from the first losing streak of his career.

Oliveira came back to knock out Chandler after a tough first round where he was almost knocked out himself. Dariush took care of business sending a reeling Ferguson to a three fight losing streak. $75k bonuses went to Oliveira, Giagos for POTN and Burgos, Barboza for FOTN.

*Note that the official payouts have not been disclosed for this fight card in Las Vegas so the salaries listed are based on estimates of previous contracts, trends and drawing power. Other assumptions are made like expected contract changes. All promotional compliance pay figures are based on the formula negotiated with Venum.

Total Payout to Fighters (including fight purse, PPV points, bonuses and compliance pay): $3,034,500
Total Compliance Pay (Venum): $239,500

UFC 262 Detailed Payouts

FighterOpponentDateEventResultBase SalaryWin BonusPPV BuysPPV Payout (est)Performance BonusSponsorshipTotalComments
Charles OliveiraMichael Chandler5/15/2021UFC 262W$250,000 $100,000 300,000$100,000 $75,000 $32,000 $557,000
Michael ChandlerCharles Oliveira5/15/2021UFC 262L$250,000 $0$32,000 $282,000 Estimated
Tony FergusonBeneil Dariush5/15/2021UFC 262L$500,000 $0$16,000 $516,000
Beneil DariushTony Ferguson5/15/2021UFC 262W$100,000 $100,000 $16,000 $216,000
Edson BarbozaShane Burgos5/15/2021UFC 262W$90,000 $90,000 $75,000 $21,000 $276,000
Ronaldo SouzaAndre Muniz5/15/2021UFC 262L$210,000 $0$16,000 $226,000
Shane BurgosEdson Barboza5/15/2021UFC 262L$75,000 $0$75,000 $6,000 $156,000
Katlyn ChookagianViviane Araújo5/15/2021UFC 262W$72,000 $72,000 $11,000 $155,000
Viviane AraújoKatlyn Chookagian5/15/2021UFC 262L$36,000 $0$6,000 $42,000
Matt SchnellRogerio Bontorin5/15/2021UFC 262L$30,000 $0$6,000 $36,000
Rogerio BontorinMatt Schnell5/15/2021UFC 262W$24,000 $24,000 $6,000 $54,000
Andre MunizRonaldo Souza5/15/2021UFC 262W$20,000 $20,000 $4,500 $44,500
Lando VannataMike Grundy5/15/2021UFC 262W$42,000 $42,000 $11,000 $95,000
Mike GrundyLando Vannata5/15/2021UFC 262L$20,000 $0$4,000 $24,000
Andrea LeeAntonina Shevchenko5/15/2021UFC 262W$30,000 $30,000 $6,000 $66,000
Antonina ShevchenkoAndrea Lee5/15/2021UFC 262L$40,000 $0$6,000 $46,000
Jordan WrightJamie Pickett5/15/2021UFC 262W$16,000 $16,000 $4,500 $36,500
Jamie PickettJordan Wright5/15/2021UFC 262L$12,000 $0$4,500 $16,500
Gina MazanyPriscila Cachoeira5/15/2021UFC 262L$20,000 $0$6,000 $26,000
Priscila CachoeiraGina Mazany5/15/2021UFC 262W$16,000 $16,000 $4,500 $36,500
Kevin AguilarTucker Lutz5/15/2021UFC 262L$28,000 $0$6,000 $34,000
Tucker LutzKevin Aguilar5/15/2021UFC 262W$12,000 $12,000 $4,000 $28,000
Christos GiagosSean Soriano5/15/2021UFC 262W$32,000 $32,000 $75,000 $6,000 $145,000
Sean SorianoChristos Giagos5/15/2021UFC 262L$16,000 $0$4,500 $20,500

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